Terms and Conditions Agreement

  1. The Artist has the right to refuse any Commission request, without needing to explain the reason.
  2. The Artist will not reproduce a copyrighted image or character without consent of its copyright owner.
  3. The Client must specify the content and desired display size of their Commission to the best of their ability prior to a Commission Agreement.
  4. By commissioning the Artist, the Client is purchasing the Artist’s labor only. The Artist retains all rights to the Commission, which includes but is not limited to: Distribution, reproduction, use of the Commission for Artist promotion and displays. If the Commission will be used for a Commercial Purpose, the Artist must be notified prior to the Start of Work. Commercial use of the Commission requires new Terms of Service developed on a case-by-case basis and agreed to by all parties in the Commission Agreement before the Start of Work.
  5. The Client may not distribute, reproduce, or otherwise profit from the Commission without the Artist’s written permission, or as agreed upon in the Commission Agreement prior to Start of Work.
  6. The Client may display the Commission in Social Media as long as the Artist’s name (“LA ABERRICIDA”) is prominently displayed along. Additionally, any Social Media display of the Artist’s Commission must notify or “tag” the Artist.
  7. The Artist requires all payment up front before Start of Work, unless otherwise agreed upon in the Commission Agreement.
  8. The payment method will always be pAYPAL, unless otherwise agreed upon in the Commission Agreement.
  9. Refunds may only be issued if the Client notifies the Artist prior to Start of Work. No refunds will be issued after Start of Work, nor will a refund be issued before or after Start of Work if any Terms of Service are breached.